Behind the Brand

by Reede Fisher Photography

November 1, 2021

Hey!!! You're most likely here because you saw that I gave my website/entire business a major makeover and wanted to know more behind it - am I right? 

Well, first of all. WELCOME! Welcome to the very first blog post on the brand spankin' new website that is Reede Fisher dot com. 
All of the new elements that make up my brand have sentimental and significant meaning to me and who I am as a person, and I can't WAIT to elaborate for you guys.  I'll try to make it short and sweet though. 

behind the images

You may have noticed some icons floating around my page, like a mix of moons and stars, dogs, skeletal hands or funky geometric shapes. 

The moon & stars - I'm a huge night person and have always, ALWAYS loved the moon and night sky.  I used to spend hours watching the stars on my parent's trampoline in the backyard, and to this day, I still try to find new constellations and watch for shooting stars.

The doggo- modeled over my precious princess, Blanca, who is the perfect adventure pup and best snuggler ever.

The skeletal hands-
For one, they're dope as hell. 

But I am also hard of hearing (which is something I never talk about, because I never think to) and I grew up learning ASL and wanted to lowkey find a cool way to incorporate it.  

Also, gotta have a way to show the stoke, right?

This seemingly random funky geometric shape-

Not all of you may be familiar with this shape, but it's the outline of a snowboard - to showcase my love and obsession for snowboarding and the mountains in general. 

In fact, ALL of the colors you see on this website and in my logos were specifically chosen from my snowboard & ski jacket. 

And wouldn't you know it?  My Arbor snowboard ALSO has a likeness of Blanca & some moons on it.  That board was truly my main inspiration for the entire vision, and everything else just tied it all together. 

and the colors...

Another fun element that I'm kinda stoked about are the fonts that I chose.  Now, you wouldn't think that fonts would have any meaning right?  Most people just choose one that looks cute, at least that's what I assume.  Not for me!  While that was my original intention, while I was scrolling through my options, I stumbled upon these ones and immediately felt nostalgic, remembering back to the days when I would get to look through my parents or grandparent's vinyl records and try to listen to them on our old player. 

Why did they remind me of that specific memory from my childhood? Because they so heavily resembled to the fonts and artwork that were plastered all across the record covers and have been embedded in my memory forever. 

This has also inspired me to start looking for a record player and start a vinyl collection... hint, hint. 

even the freakin' fonts!