AirBnb experiences

I've decided to try and take this whole photography thing to a whole new level with AirBnb Experiences!

Much like renting a home on the site, the entire booking process for experiences is also very simple and seamless and all done in one place!  As I traveled all over the country and world, I was noticing fun photography experiences in big touristy destinations (think Times Square and Rome!) and thought to myself "How COOL would it be to offer one, or several of those at one of the many gorgeous places that Oregon has to offer??" and after doing some research and deep thinking, I realized that one didn't exist yet - at least not in Central Oregon, where I currently reside! 

With all that in mind, I've officially launched a beta test of my FIRST AirBnb experience that will be taking place at Smith Rock State Park, a can't-miss spot for out of towners (and a chill spot for locals).

Click the link below to check out the listing and reserve your photo session today!