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Hey there! My name is Reede (the last e is silent).

I'm so excited that you're here and I look forward to creating some magic with you!

 I have over eight years of experience of photography under my belt - with a passion for love stories and adventures, in addition to a growing interest of branching out into lifestyle and commercial work. 

Born and raised in the gorgeous state of Oregon and soon to be moving to Colorado, I really admire breathtaking landscapes (especially mountains) and surrounding myself with genuine people. I also love and live to travel all over, chasing adventures and creating memories one snapshot at a time is my mantra.

A few more fun facts about me:

  • Snowboarding is my top priority in the winter.
  • I have two white huskies who are my entire world.
  • I love EDM and attending shows & music festivals (Red Rocks anyone?)
  • I decided to pursue my photography passion full time after attending Oregon State University for less than a year and deciding that college wasn’t the right path for me.


some sweet words

"The sweetest human who makes you feel so at ease and confident in yourself."

"Made something I'm so terrified of so pleasant and easy! Had an absolutely amazing experience."

"Outstanding photographer, exceptional picture quality, and amazing experience. She captures every special moment in a picture and more."

"Our absolute favorite part about working with Reede was her endless excitement. She always had a smile on her face and you could just see her beaming with excitement while she was shooting our wedding. Seeing how excited she was made it so easy for Brady and I to be excited about taking pictures (which we usually dread). All of my smiles were genuine because I couldn't help smiling about how happy and in her element she was."

"Her warm energy and sense of humor makes it nearly impossible to not be best friends with her by the end of your shoot."

"It was clear during this shoot that Reede knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Not only was she quirky and fun, but she also was super professional. She has so many prompts and things to do to get couples to loosen up and be natural in front of her! It was so cool to witness."

"Not only was her personality a huge help in making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, but the photos came out amazing! This was not the first time Reede has taken our photos, and most certainly won’t be the last. Thanks again Reede for going above and beyond for us, and becoming a lifelong friend!"

"We hired Reede to do a simple couples shoot because we really enjoyed her photography style. We didn’t realize that we would fall completely in love with her and gain a great friend in the process. She is so professional and understood how to talk to couples and get them to relax and loosen up during the shoot. My super shy partner was so comfortable and confident in this process and we were so pleased with how our photos turned out. Such an accurate representation of who we are and our relationship. Highly recommend booking with Reede! She has been our go to and we booked with her for our surprise proposal, engagement shoot and for our wedding, we can’t get enough of her work!!"

"Reede is the most wonderful photographer and friend. She makes you feel comfortable and excited to be in front of the camera. I wouldn’t go to anyone else to capture my most precious moments."

"I’ve known Reede professionally since 2018. This girl has blossomed and developed her craft in such a beautiful way, I am honored to have worked with her on multiple occasions. If you need a destination shoot, she is there and the only next question is “Where are we going!?” She is down to get wet. She is down to hike. She is down to sweat. This girl puts her entire being into the art that she creates and I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for a photographer for any event you may be looking for."

"She knows the ins and outs of how weddings can be stressful and puts all your worries at ease!!! Reede makes the moments so special and guides you through what to do be natural and poses. She listens to your wants and needs and goes above and beyond your expectations!!!!!"


Book your special day or session with me in any of the places and you just may receive reduced travel fees!


  • New York City
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Hawaii
  • Grand Tetons
  • Yosemite
  • Moab
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • New Zealand